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Logan Crewss, a visionary real estate agent, has been making waves in the South Florida property market for over nine years. Hailing from a passion for helping people find their dream homes and a relentless drive for success, Logan has achieved remarkable milestones throughout his career.

Early in Logan's journey, their exceptional talent and dedication did not go unnoticed. In their first year as a real estate agent, Logan was honored with the prestigious Rookie of the Year award, a testament to their natural flair for negotiation, keen eye for market trends, and unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

Over the years, Logan has consistently raised the bar, earning numerous accolades and becoming a trusted name in the industry. Their ability to forge strong relationships with clients and deliver unparalleled results has been the key to their continued success.

In a bold move that showcased their entrepreneurial spirit, Logan founded "The Crewss Group" four years ago. As the leader of this small but dynamic team, Logan brought together like-minded individuals who shared the same passion for real estate and dedication to excellence. Together, they have set new standards for service and innovation, solidifying their reputation as industry trailblazers.

With an impressive sales volume of over 75 million dollars, Logan has facilitated countless successful transactions, guiding buyers and sellers through every step of the process with their trademark professionalism and personal touch. Whether assisting first-time homebuyers or seasoned investors, Logan consistently goes above and beyond to exceed expectations and deliver outstanding results.

Beyond their achievements in the real estate realm, Logan is actively involved in community initiatives and philanthropic endeavors, giving back to the neighborhoods they serve and fostering a sense of belonging among residents.

As Logan continues to lead the way in South Florida's real estate landscape, their unwavering dedication, exceptional skills, and genuine passion for helping others find their perfect homes remain the driving force behind their extraordinary success. Through their dynamic leadership and commitment to excellence, Logan has undoubtedly become a beacon of inspiration for aspiring real estate professionals and a trusted ally for anyone looking to navigate the ever-evolving world of real estate in South Florida.



Logan has been amazing. I was in the market for a few years and Logan always took the time to show me the pros and cons of each potential home, never trying to force a sale. He was very knowledgeable about the condition of homes (pipes, roof, construction, possible repairs, etc) and noticed so many important things I would have overlooked. Over the years we have become friends and I recommend his service with confidence.


Logan was outstanding. He spent a great deal of time showing us homes. A few that we were interested in he could have easily sold to us, however he would point out why some of those homes were not a good decision for us. Logan could have sent offers in on a few homes just to make a sale, instead he truly had our best interest in mind. When it came time to negotiate with the seller he was able to get what we asked for and more. I highly recommend Logan’s realistate service. After months of knowing him, I now consider him a good honest friend.


Logan is an absolute class act agent. He was always professional and went above and beyond, from before my home was listed to even after my closing. His team is professional and was responsive to every question I had, as well as being available daily and even multiple times per day to set up showings and make sure that every opportunity to show my home was utilized. I’m lucky to have worked with Logan and his team and absolutely will work with him again for all my real estate needs.


He quickly understood our style and recommended a few homes and condos to consider, and he knew the area very well. When we met, he provided a complete packet of the listings we would be viewing that day. It took 6 weeks from our first phone call to the actual closing of our new home. Logan was extremely responsive and worked in our best interests and we feel we found the perfect home at a fair price for both buyer and seller. Also, he handled much of the paperwork and helped connect us to title companies and various inspectors so we can meet the timelines needed to close as scheduled. Our banker also commented on how knowledgeable Logan was and hopes they get to work on a future opportunity. We'd give 10 gold stars if we could.


Logan did an outstanding job helping us with the purchase of our condo. Logan's detailed knowledge of the South Florida real estate market enabled us to quickly identify a condo that met all of our needs perfectly. He was with us through every step of the closing process. Logan's support and professionalism made the buying process far less stressful


His knowledge of Hollywood and the endless list of contacts he possesses served us well as we sought out the resources we needed to leave our old home and transition into a new one. Logan made us feel well cared for in an industry and process that seems to lose track of people amidst all the documents, signatures, deadlines, and wire transfers. He recognized that we were people making a major transition in their lives and treated us with respect and patience. While we hope we never have use for his services again (no more moving for us) we will share his name and the story of the excellent customer service he provided with anyone we know who might.


I just recently closed on a beautiful new construction building. Very friendly, knowledgeable, and professional. One incredible quality Logan has is he is super fast at responding to you. He is always available and will respond to texts and calls immediately - and he always picks up his phone. That is very rare these days. He isn't pushy and he will always send you new listings as they come out. I highly recommend Logan.


I got connected to Logan through Zillow when I filled out a request for a showing. While that property didn't pan out, he was able to find me another great property that we secured at a fantastic price. Logan was a bulldog of a negotiator and now I have big equity from day one. Such an important part of a great agent. Logan was always responsive, professional, and most importantly, on time. I'm not a fan of being tardy. His knowledge of the market made all ended up working out in my favor. He's the type of agent who will get an invite to the housewarming. I plan to leverage Logan again for future transactions.


He was knowledgeable, patient, informative, quick to respond, and simply cared about supporting our journey to purchase a condo. We had to go through a lot of analysis to better understand the right condo and Logan guided us through it all. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for real estate in the areas he serves.


He took the time to explain things, did a fantastic job marketing my house, discussed in detail my various options, and negotiated to get me the best deal. He was always very responsive and caring about my time and feelings. He is a top-notch professional and even made sure my pets were comfortable.


He was very available, responsive, and knowledgeable and played an integral part in getting us the property we wanted. He was patient with us as we switched properties and stuck with us until the end. I would recommend Logan to anyone looking to buy or sell their property. He's the best.


Also went above and beyond to make sure I had everything I needed. His responsiveness and availability to his clients are unmatched. Logan advocated for me when my lender wasn’t seeing things through. I 100% recommend it for all your real estate needs.


The process went smoothly and uncomplicated. He is available to help anytime. Very professional and follows through. Recommend him to any seller or buyer.


He is amazing. Definitely someone I would sell and buy another home with. His team is amazing and attentive.

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